Jenelle’s classes weave together the three main influences of the Iyengar, Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga practices.  She often begins with mindful breathing, to build awareness of the body and to build heat internally.  She then follows with a series of postures that warm up the muscles and joints. In these yoga postures, she invites us to hold for several counts to allow us soften in the midst of intensity.  Jenelle is skilled at recognizing this edge in her students and reminds the class to find space in their bodies and minds. 

Jenelle is adept at pointing out specific alignment cues and often has students move in and out of the same posture to notice the subtle aspects of the pose. The asanas should feel free as students get better at listening to the unique wisdom of their own bodies.  By the end of class, she has brought everyone full circle and ends in a guided meditation.

Jenelle’s aim for teaching yoga is to give her students concrete tools to move energy in their bodies, to create space in the mind and to connect with their own inner truth.  Yoga can be the secret elixir of youth that helps one continue to open and expand vs. restrict and contract as we grow older.  Even just a little yoga daily,  will support all other aspects of your life.