Welcome, I am so glad you are here.

I am a health + spirit + life coach, a yoga & meditation teacher, as well as a busy mother of three. I have been interested in wellness my whole life.  I am drawn to the feeling of flow and ease in my body and mind.  I danced and played sports as a kid, became a  runner in my teens, and found yoga in my early twenties. Yoga awakened in me a sense of contentment and wholeness that I had been searching for.  It felt like coming home to myself and to this day, I continue to cherish my morning practice.

 I also love to teach. I have taught elementary school, art, swimming, Nordic skiing, stand up paddling, yoga for almost 20 years, and now teaching others how to naturally take care of their health & well-being. I am passionate about witnessing others transform their lives.

MY WHY.  My intention is to help us remember that our bodies are meant to feel healthy, our minds clear, and from that clarity, support us as we connect to our essence and live our purpose.  I’d love to connect with you and learn about your life goals and challenges. Please schedule a free 1-1 call with me.  FREE CONSULTATION


“Jenelle establishes strong connections with her students.  She teaches class and then you want to hang out with her afterwards because you feel like she gets you.  She offers challenging and inspiring classes.  She uses her intuition to direct what the class is needing at the moment.  She combines the spiritual & physical aspects of yoga like no one I have ever studied with.”   -Molly Lotz


“Jenelle has a natural ability to make you feel like you are the only student in her class.  Whether Jenelle is teaching a large class or instructing a workshop, she always makes her students feel like they are getting a private lesson.  Her warmth is felt from the moment you step her class, with smiles and laughter, Jenelle remembers you.   She remembers your kids’ names, your recent travels, your struggles with balancing work, life, taking care of children and aging parents and also finding time to take care of yourself. She cares about you.”    -Jenna Biggs

“Jenelle has a pure love of life. She is calm, comfortable and happy. As a professional, she gives you her full attention. You can feel her joy when she shares her knowledge and experience with you. My heart beams with love and joy for Jenelle as a teacher and a human.”        -Barbara Johnson